About Us

Hello there! We're Val and Katrina, and we're the curators behind

Spiritual Satisfaction.

We are all looking for what works for us on our spirituality.  We are in search of our peace, our power, our center, where we belong.  Our brand is about empowering you to do that.


Passionate, hard working and never never gives up. Puts her heart into everything she does. Putting Spiritual Satisfaction together has been a dream of mine. Offering products that can better your life in a positive way. To help someone in there daily life. These products were carefully chosen with the mind set of self care body, mind and spirit. I am a big believer in the art of distraction, when needing to change a negative thought or negative situation throw in a positive distraction. All these products have a positive effect on my life and want to share them with you.

Passionate, loving kind person. Wants to help anyone in need. Spiritual Satisfaction represents exactly that. The products are geared towards self love. Farmhouse Fresh Guilt free skin care that helps you maintain good self care morning and night , meditation rings that help those with anxiety and to create a positive mantra in your daily life, gleam glow to help you feel more radiant, crystals to help you feel more grounded, crystal jewelry to be with you on the go to maintain that energy force of grounding, unique hand made soap to lavish your body with, that just makes you feel giddy inside. Self love and self care is important to me, if I don't give to myself I can't give to others.